• Customer-driven.
    Customer Service Experts can significantly boost the profitability of any organization by revolutionizing the way its employees help customers. In our world, every connection counts.
    "Exciting your workforce is essential to creating meaningful customer experiences."
    Lise D’Andrea
    President & CEO
  • eC². Everyone's connected to the bottom line.
    We work with you to inspire your staff, develop talent and shift attitudes. That's the key to connecting with your customers and improving profitability.
    "Delighting customers begins long before the front-line interaction."
  • Solutions without results are just suggestions.
    CSE partners with organizations to develop a plan that addresses their unique challenges and delivers results that positively impact a company's service culture—and the balance sheet.
    "Leadership participation and support is crucial to sustaining any cultural shift."
    Patty Thompson, CPLP
    Senior Manager, Learning & Development
  • With the right shopper, there is no mystery.
    Before solutions comes insight. CSE uses strategic forms of service measurement to get to the bottom of whatʼs affecting your bottom line.
    "Service measurement enables our clients to receive factual, unbiased feedback about their customers' experience."